Anew Ergonomic Footrest
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Anew Ergonomic Footrest

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A simple and comfortable solution that can drastically improve your overall posture by giving you support from the legs. Pushing yourself against the chair for more lumbar support, the power is in your feet. Literally.

Back pain relief
It provides the perfect density to help support your feet drastically improve your overall posture while sitting

Reduces the risk of lower back issues
The soft and stable memory foam relieves the pressure from your buttocks and lightly elevate your legs into a natural arch

Positively impacts posture
The elevated surface supports your feet to keep them from dangling, which applies pressure on your hamstrings for an extended support

Improve comfort levels
ANEW Ergonomic Seat Cushion adopts a unique structure to give you a warm and secure comfort

Product Specifications:
Size: 44 x 30 x 10 cm
Core Weight: 370g+-
Inner Material : 30D High Density Sponge Foam
Outer Material : Premium Velvet Fabric with Anti-slip bottom
Removable and washable cover
Colour options: Grey