Anew Ergonomic Seat Cushion
Anew Ergonomic Seat Cushion
Anew Ergonomic Seat Cushion
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Anew Ergonomic Seat Cushion

RM 229.00
Relieve back and sciatica pain
The concave area wraps around the buttocks, allowing for prolonged hours of sitting without any pain.

Boost energy and increase productivity
Sitting for extended hours during your work from home/office would definitely put a strain on your back. Relieve the pressure with ANEW Ergonomic seat cushions that works on any chair you have (even on sofas), and help you improve your productivity.

Promote healthy posture
Adding ANEW Ergonomic Seat Cushion to your chair can give you full-body support and help maintain a healthy posture when you sit for long hours.

Reduce pressure on your tailbone
Effectively reduced pressure from your pelvis with an added support for your thighs as well.

Size : 47 x 40 x 7cm
Core Weight: 770g+
Inner Material: 100% Pure Memory Foam
Outer Material; 100% Pure Memory Foam
Non-slip bottom to hold the support in place
Removable and washable cover