BEAUBELLE 6 action concentrate [30ml]

BEAUBELLE 6 action concentrate [30ml]

RM 360.00
A comprehensive concentrate for multiple skin concerns.

This multi-functional (brightening, firming, nourishing, moisturising, decongesting and diminishing free radicals) concentrate delivers a comprehensive solution for common skin concerns. With these concerns addressed, the skin is vibrant and at its healthiest.

Equisetum Arvense Extract

Commonly referred to as horsetail extract, it is rich in saponins, flavonoids and silica. Its high levels of silica and diuretic properties give it a softening effect and astringent properties. The various minerals in the horsetail extract promote collagen and elastin production.

Ivy (Hedera Helix) Extract

Made up of polyphenolic compounds (including flavonoids, caffeic and chlorogenic acids), it possesses excellent astringent and decongestive properties. Impurities are removed from the skin.

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

A natural antioxidant that delivers multiple skincare benefits. The baicalin in it tightens the skin, reduces free radical damage to the skin and restores the skin’s elasticity.


A form of vitamin B3, it is known for its versatility. Niacinamide helps to renew and repair the surface of the skin against moisture loss and dehydration. A regular use of this eradicates hyperpigmentation and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.