BEAUBELLE Face Anti-stress Neurcosmetic set

BEAUBELLE Face Anti-stress Neurcosmetic set

RM 454.00
Relax, curbs stress and deeply hydrate skin.

Neurocosmetic is a new concept in skin science – involving the link between the skin and the brain, thus helps to reduce the symptoms of stress from the skin. Beaubelle Face Anti Stress Neurocosmetic Set is good for everyone as a treatment or prevention, thanks to these amazing duo skin care: Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and the Biovegetal Relaxing Mask. Your skin does not need to look older than your biological age due to stress.

Stress destroys skin health and beauty and it ages your skin prematurely. You have to manage the stress symptoms soonest before it takes a toll on your skin. There is a saying: If you can’t handle stress, you can’t handle success. Stress is unavoidable in the era today. Life is moving so fast with all types of advanced technology, and many people are caught up in the rat race. Sometimes the best way to handle stress is just relax.