CELLLABS Sheep Placenta Plus 15000mg [30s] + ReverAge [30sx3g]

CELLLABS Sheep Placenta Plus 15000mg [30s] + ReverAge [30sx3g]

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CellLabs Sheep Placenta with Grape Seed Oil Plus is a breakthrough formula encapsulating live cell therapy into a convenient
and effective oral supplement with the specific aim of helping one slow down the aging process.

CellLabs Sheep placenta with Grape Seed Oil Plus provides sheep placenta plus 3 other potent antioxidants in a single daily supplement. This superior formula helps neutralize free radical damage, promotes quicker cell repair, shuts down your sick cells, and ultimately extends the lifespan of your healthy cells.

This remarkable formula contains four enormously safe, natural and highly effective ingredients that work synergistically to slow the signs of aging from within. These ingredients and benefits include:

Sheep Placenta Extract
-Slows down the aging process
-Leaves the skin looking younger by revitalising cells from the inside out
-Stimulates cells to continuously repair and rejuvenate themselves for longer lasting effects
-Increases energy, stamina and libido

Grape Seed Oil
-Best antioxidant properties
-Promotes softer and smoother skin
-Helps in maintaining the healthy collagen level
-Helps in hiding and lightening the effects on age spots and pigmented skin caused by ultraviolet rays

Active Ingredients
Ingredients Weight Per. Cap
Olive Placenta Powder Extract (50:1)
(Equivalent to Placenta Fresh 15,000mg) 300mg
Grape Seed Oil 200mg
Lycopene 6%
- Providing Lycopene: 2mg 34mg
Astaxanthin 3.5%
- Providing Astaxanthin: 1mg 29mg

Recommended daily intake:
Adult: One capsule once a day before breakfast
Children: Not allowed