SPINZ Double Gear Belt [1s]
SPINZ Double Gear Belt [1s]
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SPINZ Double Gear Belt [1s]

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The Spinz Double Gear belt is designed to apply compression on the muscles and balance the pelvic area. It locks onto the sacrum area firmly, applying pressure on the rectus muscle of the abdomen and external oblique. This provides effective support for the lower back to relieve pain and acute lumbosacral strain caused by a loose and an unstable pelvis.

This unique double-belt system puts the theory of a pulley system into practice, allowing users to firmly fasten the belt with minimal strength. Made from the same durable materials as seat belts, the Spinz Double Gear belt is also highly resistant towards wear and tear.

Soft cushioning material
Anti-slip material
Easy to close double-belt system
Neat fit

Suitable for:
All ages, as it requires minimal pull force for optimal compression
Lower back pain
Preventing work-related back stress and injuries
Those who require spinal and/ or pelvic support
Pregnant ladies with unstable pelvis
Sports requiring rotary movement e.g. golf and racquet games