ELDON NUTRITION (TigRes) Tiger Milk Mushroom (Capsule) [30X500mg]
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ELDON NUTRITION (TigRes) Tiger Milk Mushroom (Capsule) [30X500mg]

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Tiger milk mushroom is a medicinal mushroom with important roles in our body supporting healthy immune system, boosting lung function and combating allergic reaction. Eldon nutrition Tigres Capsule provides an ultra effective, safe and consistent form of tiger milk mushroom known as NKT 744, making it perfect for lung and immune health support.

Eldon nutrition Tigres Capsules contain 300mg of Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) NKT 744 – a unique USDA organic certified TMM that ensures a standardised delivery of the main therapeutically active compounds found in the mushroom.

[Premium Ingredient]
Eldon nutrition Tigres Capsule contains 500mg of Tiger Milk Mushroom NKT 744, an unique USDA organic certified Tiger Milk Mushroom that standardised to the therapeutically active compounds:
· Total polysaccharide
· 1,3-1,6 beta glucan
It is characterised based on the composition, efficacy and consistency. This standardisation ensures the quality of NKT-744 is reproducible and the potency is consistent in every batch.

[Directions for use]
Take one(1) to Four(4) tablet(s) a day with meal. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester