Filorga C-Recover Serum [3x10ml]

Filorga C-Recover Serum [3x10ml]

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Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Concentrate is a potent antioxidant serum that boosts radiance and protects against premature aging. Perfect for people under a lot of oxidative stress, like people who smoke, who live in urban areas and are intensely exposed to pollution or just want to prevent premature aging, this serum contains 8% Vitamin C and should be used at least once or twice a year to work as an antioxidant intensive treatment.

Texture: Serum
Skin Issues: Dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines, fatigued skin
Time of Application: Morning and evening
Age: 20+
Skin Type: All skin types
Main Benefits: Boosts radiance, protects from oxidative damage, hydrating, filler effect.

Main Ingredients
NCTF Chronospheres and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and revitalize the skin
8% pure Vitamin C boosts radiance and fights free radicals to prevent premature aging
Hydrating Polysaccharides deeply moisturize the skin to reduce wrinkles
Marine-derived Collagen has an intensive smoothing action and a filler effect on wrinkles

How to use
Press the lid of one of the vials of Filorga C-Recover Anti-Fatigue Concentrate to release the vitamin C powder and shake well before using. Apply this serum in the morning and evening onto clean face and neck, lightly massaging into skin. Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds. If you have sensitive skin, do not use the serum. Each vial lasts for one week after being prepared and should be kept in the refrigerator in order to keep all its properties during the period after opening.