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Filorga Lift-Designer Serum [30ml]

Filorga Lift-Designer Serum [30ml]

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Filorga LIFT-DESIGNER Ultra-Lifting Serum 30ml is an ultra-lifting formulated based of actives from aesthetic procedures.

This lifting serum acts rapidly:

- Surprising lift effectiveness, it contains Plasmatic Lifting Factors that combines cell factors, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid in order to visibly tighten the features, plump the skin and sculpt the face.

- Double tightening action, a duo of ultra-tightening active agents (immediate and long term) combined with a roll-on applicator to stimulate the skin tissue for lifting effect.

Its ultra-sensorial texture penetrates rapidly in the heart of the skin and leaves your skin immediately tightened and your complexion is fresh.

Made in France.

Hold the product vertically. Prime the pump by pressing the push button to raise the product to the applicator head. During the first use, several pressures may be necessary.
As soon as the product appears under the roller, deliver the formula by applying the tip on the areas concerned by the looseness (oval, cheekbones, neck, décolleté ...).
Using the fingertips, apply on the entire face. Use morning and evening for a tensor effect tenfold.
After each use, remove the roller metal tip, rinse it gently and wipe it with a tissue.
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