Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips [4gm]

Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips [4gm]

RM 151.30 RM 178.00
Filorga NUTRI-FILLER Lips 4g is an ultra-nourishing balm-oil which allows to comfort and plump the dry lips and give them natural brightness.

This treatment has several properties:

Nutritious and Restorative: Thanks to its duo of high-nutrition oils and restorative shea butter that nourishes, restores and protects damaged lips
Plumping and Smoothing: Thanks to a collagen peptide booster that smoothes the lips while giving them a natural rebound and redesigning their contour
Radiance Conditioner: NCEF, a cocktail of revitalizing active ingredients, is combined with a radiance-revealing active that instantly revives the natural colour of the lips.
Immediately, the lips regain comfort and natural radiance. Day after day, they are smoother, plumped and durably sublimated.

Made in France.
Remove the cap then turn the base of the pen/flask and wait until the balm appears on the applicator tip. Apply generously on the lips and renew the application as often as necessary.