HOMUPLUS Refresh Tooth Foam [180ml]
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HOMUPLUS Refresh Tooth Foam [180ml]

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HōMUplus+ Refresh Tooth Foam is made of a unique foaming formulation combined with microbubbles that dissolve in active ingredients. The bubbles increase the contact surface between the teeth and gums to effectively maintain oral hygiene, prevent cavities and other teeth and gum discomfort. The combination of the unique foaming formulation and the mildness of a natural plant-based formula makes this cleansing foam an ideal toothpaste, mouthwash foam and denture cleanser. It is also suitable for those wearing braces as well as people with enamel issues and sensitive teeth.

- All-natural ingredients
- Anti-oxidant can reduce discoloration
- Promotes dental hygiene and prevent cavities
- Effectively controls bacterial growth and reduces the formation of dental plaque
- Eliminates bad breath
- Spreads evenly and reaches hard-to-reach gaps on teeth
> suitable for those with enamel issues, sensitive teeth, braces and dentures

Main Ingredients:
- Green Tea Extract High antioxidants, suppress bacteria, reduce plaque
- Grapefruits Seeds Antibacterial properties to control gum disease and terrible bad breath
- Sweet Mint Eliminates bad breath
- Xylitol Natural Sweetener destroys streptococcus, prevents tooth decay