JANGSU Beauty Mist Portable Hydrogen Ion Generator [1s]

JANGSU Beauty Mist Portable Hydrogen Ion Generator [1s]

RM 500.00
B. Mist Non Chemical Hand Sanitizer with eliminates 99.99% bacteria and germs.

Non-Chemical Hand Sanitizer that Eliminates 99.9% of Viruses, Germs & Bacterias in under 1 Minute

B.Mist is a 100% non- chemical Sanitizer, using patented technology and the power of Electrolyzed hydrogen ion generation, you just need to fill water and with a click of a button, you can sanitise on any surfaces eliminating all bacteria, germs and viruses. You can use it on door knobs, groceries, raw meat, fruits and vegetables! Due to its chemical-free and non-toxic nature, the B.Mist is safe to be used on your hands and skin, even on petrol nozzles in the petrol station!

Spend less money, reduce plastic waste and save space in your home with B.Mist for it is Portable & Convenient to be carried around throughout the day.

Here’s why thousands of people are using this B.Mist hand sanitiser

1 Minute easy use – Do you have a busy lifestyle? Are you limited for time in the morning before work? Eliminating harmful residues & germs from your skin, car, groceries, pets and any surfaces anywhere and everywhere you go!

Non-Chemical sanitisation – With our B.Mist, it is Colorless, Odourless, Chemical-Free, Non-Toxic, and harmless to the human body and does not irritates the skin. Easing your effort to have a safe and reliable hand sanitizer to both children and pets.

Skin-Friendly – Certified and clinically tested for sensitive skin; you don’t need to worry about chemical reactions or allergies for its mist is totally safe for your Skin, Face and even Eyes.

Cost-Saving – Unlike other hand sanitizers out in the market, our B.Mist Natural Hand Sanitizer is Super Cost-Saving in term of long run use that can last up to 5 years if well taken care. The Cost worth is worth less than Rm0.20sen per day ONLY!

Highest Grade Titanium/Platinum Plates – The most powerful titanium and platinum plates sourced for maximum efficiency and long-lasting durability.

ORP Range: Up to -200mV – You can feel confident knowing this bottle is full of natural goodness. Each spray will have the purest effect on your skin giving you a super refreshing feeling on your face. The impressive ORP range will deliver powerful antioxidant and vitamin rich formulation to protect your skin from the outside world.

Reusable – Never worry about throwing it away. This eco-friendly mist can be used time and time again to give you complete Protection for years.