JOSENS Microalgae 45 Essentials Nutrients Powder [500g]
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JOSENS Microalgae 45 Essentials Nutrients Powder [500g]

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All 45 Essential Nutrients Powder is so versatile, that it can be added to any food ingredient for a scrumptious meal.

The super food All 45 Essential Nutrients Powder is a blend of clean spirulina with Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Melon Seeds, Green Beans, Oat Bran and Buck Wheat, to ensure the right balance of the All 45 Essential Nutrients Powder.

The main ingredients are Spirulina (grown in a closed system by JOSENS Health Engineers), Oat Bran, Sunflower Seeds, Melon Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Green Peas and Buckwheat.

JOSENS has gone to the extent of growing spirulina in a closed environment which are contaminants free. All commercial spirulina available are generally grown in an open ponds or raceway which are subjected to insects, animals and other contaminants. Clean spirulina is the key ingredient of All 45 Essential Nutrients product.

Best taken daily. The mixture contains cleansing properties for the digestive system. Can be mixed with water, juice or smoothie. Mixed 2 heaped two spoons with 250ml of water, juice or smoothie; 1-2 times a day.