KORDEL'S Kids Omega-3 570.5mg Chewable Softgels [50s]
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KORDEL'S Kids Omega-3 570.5mg Chewable Softgels [50s]

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For proper development and brain function, nerve and eyes during pregnancy and early childhood.

How Does Omega-3 Works For Kids?
Kordel's Kid's Omega-3 contains only 7-8% saturated oil compared to normal fish oils which contains 28% total saturated fats. The processing of Kordel's Kid's Omega-3 fish oil is through patented 2 step purification processes. These processes will remove impurities such as organic pollutants and heavy metals, which are commonly found in fish oil.

DHA is particularly important during pregnancy and early childhood for the proper development and function of brain, nerve and eyes. During the last trimester of foetal life and first 2 years of childhood, the brain undergoes a growth spurt and DHA is crucial to support proper brain and eyes developments. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pregnant and lactating mothers should consume at least 300mg of DHA daily.

In children, DHA is required for active learning, information processing and intellectual development. DHA assists in effective communication between the brain cells. Lack of DHA in a child's diet may affect his or her cognitive development and behavioral performance.

Children (1-2 years old): Take 1 softgel every 2 days with food
Children (above 2 years old): Chew 1 softgel  once daily with food, or as directed by the doctor or pharmacist.

The softgel can be taken by chewing the entire softgel or twist and cut off the tail and squeeze the content of 1 softgel into milk, juice or cereal.