MASC Hydrating Facial Mask [5 Sheets] | MASC保湿面膜 (5's)
MASC Hydrating Facial Mask [5 Sheets] | MASC保湿面膜 (5's)
MASC Hydrating Facial Mask [5 Sheets] | MASC保湿面膜 (5's)
MASC Hydrating Facial Mask [5 Sheets] | MASC保湿面膜 (5's)
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MASC Hydrating Facial Mask [5 Sheets] | MASC保湿面膜 (5's)

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5-in-1 Benefits:
✔ Intensive Hydration
✔ Reduce Face Lines
✔ Brightening
✔ Refines Pores
✔ Restore Youthfulness


•Huh, what is MASC Hydrating Facial Mask? 🤷🏻‍♀️
MASC stands for multi-action skin care. It is made specially for people in humid countries like Malaysia to absorb and RETAIN sufficient moisture in the skin, giving you that bouncy mochi skin.

MASC全名为Multi-action skin care。 MASC保湿面膜特别针对炎热气候的国家,如马来西亚而制的面膜。这款保湿面膜可同时让皮肤吸收及保存充足的水分,让您永保吹弹可破的肌肤。

•Har, what's the difference with other masks? 🤨
MASC Hydrating Facial Mask features our “secret ingredient” – MOIST24™. It is a trademarked ingredient formulated from Imperata Cylindrica, a plant that could survive in the desert! It is also used by some of the biggest brands in the beauty industry.

This ingredient provides 10X moisture and ensures 24 hours of deep hydrating effect on your skin. It also reduces the lines on your face.

MASC保湿面膜内注入了我们的“秘方” – MOIST24™,一种已被商标的保湿成分。里面添加了白茅草(Imperata Cylindrica)的萃取,一种可在严峻沙漠中生存的植物。其成分也被各大品牌广泛使用

这种成分可提供10倍补水功效,以及保证给与脸部24小时的深层保湿。 同时也能达到减少脸部细纹的功效。

•Ok, how many pieces in a box? 🤔
There are 5 mask pieces in a box, each filled with lots of serum.


•Cool, where is this made? 😯
-Our masks are made by one of the top skin care producers in Taiwan.
-We’ve tried and compared many manufacturers, only choosing this as it is the best.


•What else should I know?
-Using advanced technology, our masks takes less than 10 minutes to apply for deep hydrating effect, making your night time skin routine more efficient.
-Believe it or not, our mask sheets are virtually invincible at 0.2mm only!


•How long would it take to deliver?
We strive to deliver your order within 24 hours.


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