NUTTI SKIN SCIENCE Natural Argan Oil (100% Pure&Organic) [30ml]

NUTTI SKIN SCIENCE Natural Argan Oil (100% Pure&Organic) [30ml]

RM 80.00
Argan Oil is extracted from Argan fruits. Argan trees are found only in Morocco. It takes 12 years for an Argan tree to bear first fruits. Nutti Natural Argan Oil is obtained from cold pressing the Argan seeds. There is no chemical process involved in the manufacturing of our Argan Oil. Thus it is totally natural products. Argan Oil has been used by the Moroccan people for centuries for skin care and as edible oil. It is known as the "Moroccan liquid gold".

Product Benefits:

In its natural form, Argan Oil has the following wonderful benefits for you:

Vitamin E - It is naturally rich in Vitamin E which prevents free radical damage and reduces signs of aging
Fatty acids - It contains essential fatty acids which moisturizes and nourishes the skin
Polyphenols - It possesses polyphenols which have repairing and anti-inflammatory effects
Product Ingredients:
0% Additives
0% Preservatives
100% Natural Argan Oil
Due to its various benefits, Nutti Natural Argan Oil is suitable for use by men and women and even children. Nutti Natural Argan Oil is suitable for face, body, hair, nails, stretch marks, scars, cracked heels and other areas. It can be applied anytime of the day. Argan Oil is easily absorbed into the skin, and it is non-greasy.

Persons who are allergic to nut or natural plant based products are advised to consult their doctors before using this products.