Oilees Essential Oil 10ml French Lavender

Oilees Essential Oil 10ml French Lavender

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This particular species of lavender is found in the mid-high altitudes of the French Alps. It is grown from seed and not cultivated via clone from cuttings to ensure the purity of each harvest. The yield of oil is low but they are known to be of the highest quality and aroma amongst other species of lavender.

It was discovered that lavender had been used together in the mummification process in ancient Egypt over 2500 years ago. The archaeologists that unearthed the tombs had found lavender to be amongst the mummies.

French Lavender has always been noted for its floral and sweet scent but it is not fully understood for the excellent benefits it brings in the form of an essential oil. Being antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, lavender cleanses, detoxifies and purifies. Also appreciated for its balancing, calming and healing properties along as an agent for dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Safe to be used on children, adults and the elderly, it is only right that a medicine kit be complete with a bottle of this elixir.

Complete your medicine kit today with a bottle of OILEES French Lavender.