SHEA TERRA Black Seed Honey & Mud Beauty Masque [150ml]
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SHEA TERRA Black Seed Honey & Mud Beauty Masque [150ml]

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• Gentle yet effective
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Calms your skin with calendula
• Clears bacteria causing acne
Unleash the powers of this do-it-all face masque for clearer, dewy, youthful looking skin. Genuine black seed honey is combined with Moroccan Mud to detox and soften skin as skin is pumped with moisture. Produced by the bees from the nectar of black seed flowers, this highly nutritious honey energize & moisturize our skin. Its anti-bacteria properties help clear away bacteria causing acne. On top of that, calendula petals were added for their anti-inflammatory properties, sidr leaf for its astringent properties, organic cinnamon for its rejuvenating properties and myrrh essential oil for its anti-aging properties. The result is glowing, dewy, healthier looking skin.

Amazing Ingredients:

Egyptian black seed honey, ghassool, USDA certified organic vegetable glycerin, ground black seed, calendula petals, sidr, certified organic cinnamon, myrrh essential oil.

How To Use:

Apply mask to slightly dampened skin. Skin will become warm as the masque goes to work. Leave on for 15 minutes. Lightly exfoliate skin as you rinse masque off.