OSN Active Guard Probiotics

OSN™ Active Guard is a lactic acid bacteria and fermented plant food encapsulated in a vegetable soft gel. It is manufactured at a fermentation center in Kayo-town, Kibi-heights in Okayama prefecture, at the height of 300m above sea level.

OSN™ Active Guard is an exceptional nutritional discovery. It has a superior method of preparation, in which natural plant ingredients are fermented for 3 years at a mountain location with clean air and water. The fermentation process that takes place over four seasons enhances the viability of bacteria.

75 Types of Ingredients

Our signature probiotic with a superior method of preparation. OSN Active Guard contains 17 strains of friendly lactic acid bacteria and 75 different fruit and vegetable ingredients, fermented for 3 years in the mountains of Okayama, Japan.

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  • Boost Immunity

    Strengthen immune system so you spend less time falling sick and even less time recovering

  • Improve Bowel Movement

    Promote an ideal bowel environment, preventing common stomach issues like gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

  • Rebalances Friendly Bacteria

    Replenish friendly bacteria lost following antibiotics use, stressful lifestyle, poor eating habits, old age and other factors

  • Travel Diarrhea Prevention

    Protect your stomach from potentially unsanitary or contaminated foods when travelling.

  • Improve Heart Health

    Lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Boost Nutrient Absorption

    Sufficient levels of good bacteria improve overall intestinal health, which increase nutrient absorption by 30%!