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OSN Active Guard Probiotics [60s]

OSN Active Guard Probiotics [60s]

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OSN Active Guard Probiotics [60s]


What is OSN™ Active Guard?
OSN™ Active Guard is a lactic acid bacteria and fermented plant food encapsulated in a vegetable soft gel. It is manufactured at a fermentation center in Kayo-town, Kibi-heights in Okayama prefecture, at the height of 300m above sea level.

OSN™ Active Guard is an exceptional nutritional discovery. It has a superior method of preparation, in which natural plant ingredients are fermented for 3 years at a mountain location with clean air and water. The fermentation process that takes place over four seasons enhances the viability of bacteria.

The fermented extract contains minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other food ingredients pre-digested by friendly bacteria that are easily absorbed by the body. This formulation creates a balance of linolenic and alpha linolenic acid.

Furthermore, its soft gel casing protects the friendly bacteria and its fermented contents, thus allowing friendly bacteria to thrive. It also protects the friendly bacteria directly right into the intestines to avoid damage due to stomach acid. Active Guard is vegan-friendly and safe for children, adult & elderly.

12 proven benefits of taking OSN™ Active Guard
Boosts immunity.
Promotes an ideal bowel environment, hence, optimizing bowel health.
Reduces gut fermentation and putrefaction that lessens gas and bloating.
Reduces risk of diarrhea for travelers.
Neutralizes carcinogens in the bowel.
Replaces friendly bacteria that were lost following antibiotics use.
Balances vaginal flora that were disturbed by candida or other unfriendly flora.
Assists those with lactose intolerance.
Enhances digestibility and bioavailability of food such as protein and fat.
Provides a ready source of B vitamins.
Plays a role in reducing serum cholesterol.
Safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

What does OSN™ Active Guard contain?
Each soft gel contains 17 strains of friendly lactic acid bacteria:

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