Bag Colouring Contest

Bag Colouring Contest

On a bright and cheerful Sunday morning, Ascen+ Pharmacy hosted the highly anticipated Kids Fun Day, featuring a delightful Bag Coloring Contest. This event, exclusively for Ascen+ members, brought together 30 enthusiastic young artists, each eager to showcase their creativity and coloring skills.

The contest kicked off at 11 AM, with kids and their parents streaming in, ready to participate in the fun-filled activities. Each child was given a blank canvas bag, printed with an outline of an adorable design, waiting to be brought to life with vibrant colors. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the joyful chatter of kids and the supportive cheers from their parents.

As the children immersed themselves in the world of colors, the venue transformed into a kaleidoscope of creativity. The young participants displayed impressive talent and imagination, resulting in beautifully colored bags that were as unique as each artist. The smiles and pride on the faces of the children as they held up their finished bags were truly heartwarming.

To ensure the event ran smoothly, the Ascen+ team was on hand to assist and guide the kids, making the experience enjoyable for everyone. Each participant was contacted via WhatsApp for workshop confirmation, ensuring a seamless registration process and a well-organized event.

The highlight of the day was, without doubt, the display of the finished bags. The children proudly posed with their creations, receiving applause and admiration from the gathered crowd. The event concluded with the awarding of special goodies to all participants, celebrating their hard work and creativity.

Parents and kids alike expressed their delight and appreciation for the event, noting how such activities provide a wonderful platform for children to express themselves artistically while having fun.

Ascen+ Pharmacy’s Kids Fun Day - Bag Coloring Contest was a resounding success, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next fun-filled event. For those who missed out, now is the perfect time to sign up as an Ascen+ member to enjoy exclusive access to future events and activities.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on upcoming events. We look forward to seeing even more young artists at our next Kids Fun Day!

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