Vitamin & Supplement (207)

PURICENT Immuniti [20s]

RM 89.00RM 118.00

OSN Active Guard Probiotics [60s]

RM 990.00

SALUS Floradix Formula [500ml]

RM 162.00RM 180.00

BLACKMORES Fish Oil [1000mg]

RM 23.80RM 26.45

SALUS Saludynam [500ml]

RM 162.00RM 180.00

Essentiale Forte N [90s]

RM 119.80

BLACKMORES Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg 360s

RM 265.00

VITAMODE CogniPro Gold Tablet [30s]

RM 105.00

OMECO Omega-3 Fish Oil with Coenzyme Q10

RM 85.00

BLACKMORES Multivitamins + Minerals

RM 55.80RM 62.00

Kiiro Astein Plus 30s x 3g

RM 93.10RM 98.00

SwissMed Pro B ATIV – Mixed Berry Juice Powder with Probiotics [1000mg x 60]

RM 245.90

SALUS Epresat [250ml]

RM 113.40RM 126.00

SALUS Gallexier [250ml]

RM 113.40RM 126.00

Vins AMC (Wild Amla+Tumeric) [90s]

RM 95.00RM 100.00

Nature's Way Adult Gummies Women [50s]

RM 49.90

Nature's Way Adults Gummies with Multivitamin [60s]

RM 29.41

VITAMODE Berrynacea Capsule [30s]

RM 72.00RM 86.00

VITAMODE Buffered C Plus Tablet [30s / 90s ]

RM 46.00RM 60.00

BLACKMORES Milk Thistle Tablet [60s]

RM 49.50RM 55.00


RM 55.00RM 66.10

SALUS Salucard [250ml]

RM 113.40RM 126.00

Abbott Ensure Gold Wheat 2x 850gm

RM 169.90


RM 17.60RM 18.50

BerryBright Original 10g x 30's

RM 113.10RM 113.15

HIMALAYA Cystone (Triple Pack) [3x100s]

RM 65.00

BIOPLUS Junior Gummy [80s] Multivitamin

RM 26.80RM 31.50

BIOPLUS Junior Gummy [80s] Teddy Bear Vitamin C

RM 20.80RM 24.50

Rozenj Plus Black Elderberry with Cherry and Clove Herb Drops 16s

RM 12.15

BIOPLUS TG Fish Oil [60's]

RM 118.00

KidsBiotics [2g x 30s]

RM 89.00

VITAMODE CoQ10 Ubiqunol 100mg [30s]

RM 150.00

MELISSACHENS DermaCalm Essential Serum [30ml]

RM 277.00

MELISSACHENS DermaCalm Essential Essence [40ml]

RM 237.00

MELISSACHENS Comfort Foam Cleanser [120ml]

RM 186.00

Melissachens HP COMFORT SOFT PEEL [50ml]

RM 224.00

VITAMODE Vitamin K2 Plus D3 Tablet [30S]

RM 75.00


RM 105.00

VITAMODE SAM-e 400mg Enteric Coated Tablet [30S]

RM 191.00

VITAMODE Saffron 30mg Powder [30S]

RM 124.00

VITAMODE Redusterol [30S]

RM 100.00