Creating a Healthier Workplace

Support your employees' physical and mental wellness with our variety of corporate programs.

  • Corporate Wellness Promotion

    Elevate your company's health culture with Ascen+'s targeted wellness programs, promoting active lifestyles and long-term well-being among employees.

  • Corporate Health Screening Package

    Ascen+ offers comprehensive health screenings, empowering your team with preventive care to stay proactive about their health.

  • Corporate Festive Hamper/Gift Set

    Celebrate and appreciate your team's dedication with Ascen+'s curated hampers and gift sets, perfect for festive occasions.

  • Health Talk

    Engage and educate your workforce with Ascen+'s Health Talks on crucial wellness topics.

  • Beauty/Wellness Workshop

    Our workshops provide valuable tips on self-care and balance, encouraging employees to priotize their well-being alongside their work.

  • Employee Discount/Bulk Purchase Package

    Reward your employees with exclusive discounts on Ascen+'s products and services, supporting their journey to a healthier life.

Partner with Us for Corporate Wellness

Join us in shaping a healthier future for your employees with Ascen+'s Corporate Wellness Partnership Program. We collaborate with organizations to create comprehensive wellness solutions that align with your company's health objectives.