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APPETON Multivitamin Lysine Syrup [120ml]

APPETON Multivitamin Lysine Syrup [120ml]

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Indication: Dietary Supplement Dosage
• Children < 4 years old : 2.5 ml per day
• Children > 4 years old : 5 ml per day or as directed by physician.
• Can drop directly on tongue, milk, juice or liquid food.

Health booster:
A dietary supplement fortified with Lysine (Essential Amino Acid) for children to promote healthy growth. It is specially formulated with special grade vitamins and it comes with a Dose-Master™ to improve convenience.

Contains vital multivitamins to help promote overall healthy growth.
Lysine helps to improve appetite and maintain health.
Product comes with a Dose-MasterTM, for better hygiene, accuracy and convenience to the user.
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