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APPETON MV21G + Selenium/Ginseng [30s]

APPETON MV21G + Selenium/Ginseng [30s]

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Appeton Essentials MV21G + Selenium contain vitamins, antioxidants, lipotropic substances and minerals with selenium and ginseng extract. Lipotropic substances have an important role in improving the disordered fat metabolism and counteract cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels; help in liver detoxification and prevent the storage of the fat in the liver. Ginseng Extract G116 is a highly concentrated and standardized ginseng extract. We are using selected roots of genuine Panax ginseng which enhances the capacity of our body to overcome external strain by adaptation.

Appeton Essentials MV21G + Selenium is essential for adult and elderly because it helps in increasing alertness, cognitive function, to combat fatigue, to maintain heart health and for overall health. It can also be taken as a dietary supplement during times when increased vitamin and mineral requirements are necessary as in convalescence after illness or radiotherapy treatment.

Appeton Essentials MV21G + Selenium contains 21 vitamins, antioxidants, lipotropic substance and minerals with purified ginseng extract G116 which helps to increase alertness, cognitive function, to combat fatigue and for overall health amongst adults and elderly.

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