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BEAUBELLE Stress Manager Swiss Rejuvenating Oil [30ml]

BEAUBELLE Stress Manager Swiss Rejuvenating Oil [30ml]

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A super deep hydration calming facial oil that combats redness, heals eczema, protects frazzled skin cells and calms stressed and anxious minds. The oil is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic and microbiome friendly, making it safe for use even by those with very sensitive skin. Its fast-acting properties and deep hydration make this oil a must-have in everyone's regular skincare routine.

The combination of essential oils de-stresses both the skin and mind, giving you a desirable moment of pleasure.

Press a few drops onto your hand. Rub the oil in your hands then inhale the scent a few times to de-stress. Gently massage it all over your face to let the oil penetrate your skin evenly.
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