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BIOLIFE Q-10 Guard Plus [3x30s]

BIOLIFE Q-10 Guard Plus [3x30s]

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What is Q10-Guard Plus?
A 3-in-1 Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) product with boost of CoQ10, Vitamin E, and Zinc to improve energy production, antioxidant status, and exercise performance.

How does Q10-Guard Plus help in supporting optimal health?
-Q10-Guard Plus contains high strength of CoQ10 to promote energy production in body cells.
-CoQ10 provides energy for the body cells and organs to carry out their functions.
-With its antioxidant properties, CoQ10 helps to protect cells from free radicals.
-CoQ10 helps to optimum oxygen consumption and reduce tiredness.
-Vitamin E provides antioxidant benefit to protect against free radical damage.
-Zinc helps to improve health performance.

Who are recommended to take Q10 Guard Plus?
-Those who want to improve energy production in body cells, especially shift worker and those who are physically active
-Those who want to improve exercise performance
-Those who always feel tired due to unhealthy or busy lifestyle
-Those who want to maintain their health

What is the recommended dosage?
Adults: One capsule once daily with food
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