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DEARLLINGS Honey Baby Moisturizer [85ml]

DEARLLINGS Honey Baby Moisturizer [85ml]

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Beyond an Ordinary Body Lotion | 1 Bottle can help on Hydrating,Balancing & Protective

Exclusive patented technology| STAR Journey, The Dawn of Soothing

Soothe "Soothe skin’s sensitivity."
Tackle "Tackle skin’s inflammation."
Activate "Activate skin balance mechanism."
Regenerate "Regenerating skin defense mechanism".

Dearllings Prebiotic Nourishing Formula
-pH 5.5
-Balances the skin microbiome
-Sensitive skin friendly formulation

Gentle Relief for Sensitive Skin, A Must-Have with Honey Baby Moisturizer
-Gentle and Lightweight, Effortless to Apply
-Nourishing and Restoring Delicate Skin with Care
-Safe Formulation (Natural and gentle plant extract)

Gentle Baby Care, The Secret “Honey”
-Swiss patented fermented honey extract Black BeeOmeTM
Derived from fermented honey obtained from a rare Swiss black bee species.
Improves skin texture and enhances skin's moisture retention
Possesses prebiotic properties that aid in balancing the skin's microbiome and enhancing the skin's natural barrier.⌟

Reliable Quality Assurance
-SGS tested Heavy Metal free
-SGS tested Steroid free
-Dermatologist Approved, Tested for Safety and Quality
-Hypoallergenic Tested, Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Direction of Use:
-Squeeze desired amount of the moisturizer onto your palm
-Apply evenly to the baby's body to keep the skin moisturized and protected
-Use it as often as needed
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