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DEARLLINGS Snow Baby Butter [30ml]

DEARLLINGS Snow Baby Butter [30ml]

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Beyond an Ordinary Skin Moisturizer | 1 Bottle can help on Hydrating,Balancing & Protective

Exclusive patented technology| STAR Journey, The Dawn of Soothing

Soothe "Soothe skin’s sensitivity."
Tackle "Tackle skin’s inflammation."
Activate "Activate skin balance mechanism."
Regenerate "Regenerating skin defense mechanism".

Dearllings Ceramide Barrier Strengthening Formula
-pH 5.5
-Soothing, calming and improve skin barrier.
-Sensitive skin friendly formulation.

Nurtures baby's skin barrier and strengthens natural defense.
-Melts into the skin, providing deep hydration.
-Dual-function moisturization and barrier defense.
-Safe Formulation (Natural and gentle plant extract)

Gentle Baby Care, The Secret “Honey”
Swiss patented fermented honey extract Black BeeOmeTM
Derived from fermented honey obtained from a rare Swiss black bee species.
Improves skin texture and enhances skin's moisture retention
Possesses prebiotic properties that aid in balancing the skin's microbiome and enhancing the skin's natural barrier.

Reliable Quality Assurance
-SGS tested Heavy Metal free
-SGS tested Steroid free
-Dermatologist Approved, Tested for Safety and Quality
-Hypoallergenic Tested, Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Direction of Use:
-Melt the Snow Baby Butter with your fingertip.
-Apply in a gentle circular motion on the baby’s cheeks, forehead or irritated skin.
-Use it as often as needed.
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