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DIP N TELL Pregnancy Test Kit [1s]

DIP N TELL Pregnancy Test Kit [1s]

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Dip'n' Tell pregnancy test can detect tiny amount of the pregnancy hormone called Human Chorionoc Gonadotrophin or hCG in your urine. During the first part of your pregnancy your body produces an increasing amount of this hormone that can be picked up by the very sensitive antobidies in Dip'n' Tell as early as three (3) days before expexted period.

How do i use the test?

Collect your urine sample in the cup provided.

Open the protective pouch by tearing along the splice.

Place the Dip'n' Tell test in the strip holder located in the centre of the cup.

Wait for the color band (s) to appear. The time taken for positive result (pregnant) to appear varies according to the concentration of hCG present in the urine. Normally, positive result can be seen within 40 seconds. However, to confirm negative result (not pregnant), you must wait for 5 minutes.

How do i use the test?

A line will apprear in the windows in aboout 20 seconds. This indicates the test is working properly

Invalid result:

If no line at all, the test has not worked properly, check that you have followed the instructions and repeat the tes
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