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Dr Buds

Dr Buds Acne Rescue Mild Cleanser [150ml]

Dr Buds Acne Rescue Mild Cleanser [150ml]

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Gentle, hydrating yet effective in fighting against acne-causing bacteria, Dr. Buds Organics Acne Rescue Mild Cleanser is a strong first line of defence against acne.Specially formulated with plant amino acid and sugar, this ultra-mild, plant-based cleanser ensures effective and protective yet gentle wash.

Soothing and hydrating properties are a result of Fructan and Organic Aloe Vera Extract, known to be high in vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides.

From heartwood of the hardy New Zealand Totara tree, Totarol is its natural defence antibacterial. It has since been proven to be effective against gram positive, gram negative bacteria, and the penicillin and methicillin strains of the Staphylococcus aureus.

Tea Tree Oil, another known anti-bacterial agent, gives additional protection against acne-causing bacteria. ​Vitamin E (tocopherol) further protects the skin from harmful radicals.
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