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Dr Buds

Dr Buds Easy-Clear Rescue Intensive Cream [50ml]

Dr Buds Easy-Clear Rescue Intensive Cream [50ml]

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For a complete management of eczema, maintaining good skin hygiene is essential. Start the holistic way with EASY-CLEAR RESCUE SOOTHING CLEANSER to provide the gentle, hydrating and soothing wash.

Effective yet mild, this Soothing Cleanser has been formulated with plant amino acid and sugar to ensure it is gentle and does not irritate the skin.

Totarol Extract, a natural defense mechanism developed when the Totara tree is 100 years old, provides protection against harmful bacteria.

Further protection is provided by Vitamin E against harmful radicals, which can induce skin irritation.

Soothing properties are provided by Organic Aloe Vera and Fructan, which also ensure the skin stays hydrated.
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