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DUREX Invisible Extra Sensitive [10s]

DUREX Invisible Extra Sensitive [10s]

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Naturally soft— So long plastic feeling! Soft! Feels just like human skin

Imported high quality raw materials and out exclusive soften technology and treatment processes make natural latex feel more like human skin.

Pleasurable fit—The great combination of elasticity and flexibility for a great fit. Not too loose, not too tight.

Sensi Fit â„¢ Technology means a thinner better fit around the most sensitive areas*.

*Compared to Durex products without this technology.

Ultra Thin—We are still innovating in thinness, even after 86 years.

86 years of global condom manufacturing experience and the standardized controls of our exclusive big-data production processes ensure an ultimate thin experience and safety you can trust with every condom.

Perfect Lubrication—each Durex INVISIBLE condom contains the prefect amount of lubricant, the ingredients of which meet the criteria for the US FDA’s pharmaceutical USP class.

Superior lubrication: never sticky and greasy and will not damage the condom. Our lubricant does not contain silicon powder or talcum powder, which can be irritants for some people.

Clean Scents—So long latex smell!

A fresh natural smell with no unpleasant latex odour. Our lubricant formulation uses natural plant extracts to remove the unpleasant smell of latex rubber.
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