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Ego Pinetarsol Gel [100G]

Ego Pinetarsol Gel [100G]

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Pinetarsol Gel is a soap free cleansing gel that can be used as an adjunct treatment to help relieve itchy and inflamed skin conditions including inflamed scaly skin, jock itch, anal and genital itching and other minor skin irritations. Can be used in the shower, bath or hand basin. pH 6 to maintain the skin’s natural protection. Pinetarsol Gel is a soap alternative. Avoid using soap as soap may irritate tender inflamed skin.

Help relieve itchy and inflamed skin conditions.

Apply to wet skin and smooth gently over affected area. Leave on 2-3 minutes. Rinse and pat skin dry.

Commence the recommended skin care usage immediately to help break the itch scratch cycle.
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