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Ego QV Nourishing Hair Shampoo [200G]

Ego QV Nourishing Hair Shampoo [200G]

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The QV Nourishing Range was specifically developed for people with sensitive skin, dry scalp and dry hair. The range provides intense nourishment to your hair by effectively moisturising the hair and nourishing the scalp. Made with a combination of carefully selected ingredients, the QV hair range effectively moisturises , cleanses, and conditions the hair and scalp, while excluding the ingredients that are likely to irritate.

QV Hair Nourishing Shampoo provides intensive nutrition for people with sensitive skin, dry scalp, and dry hair. Qv Nourishing Shampoo contains a various skin and scalp conditioning agents to reduce the damage caused by dyeing, bleaching, perming, and styling, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

Recommended for use together with QV Hair Nourishing Conditioner.
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