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ELDON NUTRITION Tigres Vegecaps [3x30s]

ELDON NUTRITION Tigres Vegecaps [3x30s]

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Eldon Nutrition TigRes Capsules provides an ultra-effective, safe and consistent form of tiger milk mushroom known as NKT 744, making it the perfect supplement for strengthening your body. At 500mg of TMM NKT744 extract per capsule, TigRes Capsules provides the optimum dosage of TMM.

Each 515mg capsule contains:
Lignosus Rhinocerus (Tiger milk mushroom), 500mg
Part of used: Mycelium, primordia, fruiting bodies, and extracellular compounds

Contains min 15% of 1,3 – 1,6 Beta Glucan

Consumption Guide
For children between 2-12 years, take ½ or 1 capsule a day with or without meals.
For Teenagers/adults 12 years and above, take 1 to 3 capsule(s) a day with or without meals.

Suitable For
Those experiencing:
Cold and flu
Chronic Cough
Sore throat
Smokers cough
Weak Immunity
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