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Garden of Eden

GARDEN OF EDEN [Serum] Rosa E Pigmentation Serum [15ml]

GARDEN OF EDEN [Serum] Rosa E Pigmentation Serum [15ml]

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Reduces pigmentation and lightens skin tone
Promotes skin repair and regeneration
Reduces fine lines, restores skin’s suppleness

An elixir of pure rosehip seed oil complemented by grape seed oil and natural vitamin E, Rosa E Pigmentation Serum lightens pigmentation & acne marks, improves skin’s overall complexion. With essential fatty acids derived from rosehip seed oil & grape seed oil, this serum moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while promotes cell regeneration and repair.

Powerful antioxidants like natural vitamin E & grape seed oil protect skin from harmful free radicals, and at the same time, promotes collagen production, which helps firm up the skin and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Use Rosa E Serum at night and wake up with softer, smoother and brighter skin.
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