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HEAL Protein Shake Vanilla Almond / Salted Chocolate [15s]

HEAL Protein Shake Vanilla Almond / Salted Chocolate [15s]

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If you are a fitness newbie or looking to conveniently boost your protein intake, then you have come to the right place! Our bodies need protein to function well on a daily basis — boost immune system, growth and repair of cells and tissues. Heal Protein Shake can help to add lean mass, improve muscle recovery and increasing satiety. It also prevents muscle loss, help maintain and increase muscle mass during weight loss.

Always on the go? Fret not! You can consume Heal Protein Shake as a meal replacement too. Feel free to add oats or fruits to make it more filling and nutritious. If you workout, you can consume 1 hour before workout for energy and/or within 30 minutes after for muscle gain and recovery.

Vanilla Almond
Almonds help in lower cholesterol levels and aids in weight management. Almonds are also high in vitamin E as it contains antioxidant properties, vision as well as controlling blood sugar level.

Nutrition Facts:
- Energy (kcal) 158
- Carbohydrate (g) 2.5
- Protein (g) 20.0
- Fat (g) 7.6

Ingredients list: Pea Protein, California Almond, Natural Fibre (Inulin), Coconut Milk, Vanilla, Stevia Extract, Salt.

Salted Chocolate
Cocoa exerts positive effects on your mood by releasing dopamine, serotonin and endorphins which makes you feel happier. Next, cocoa is rich in polyphenols as it helps reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol levels. Cocoa is also known to be full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants which is found to help protect the heart. Improving cognitive function and memory is also one of the benefits of cocoa as it increases blood flow to the brain.

Nutrition Facts:
- Energy (kcal) 139
- Carbohydrate (g) 2.7
- Protein (g) 20.0
- Fat (g) 5.4

Ingredients list: Pea Protein, Cocoa, Coconut Milk, Natural Fibre (Inulin), Stevia Extract, Salt.

- No anticaking agent
- No components of corn and soy-based ingredients
- No components of gums, fillers and additives
- Vegan Friendly
- Dairy Free & Lactose Free
- Cholesterol Free
- Gluten Free
- Soy Free
- 100% Plant Based
- This product is HALAL certified

Recommended Intake for Adults: 1g/1kg of your body weight
Recommended Intake for Athletes: 2g/1kg of your body weight
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