HEALTHLABS TC Plus (Capsules) [3x60s]

RM 178.10
Promotes fat burning Suppresses appetite
Blocks conversion of carbohydrated into fats to our body
Promote flat tummy
Suitable for vegeterian

The combined ingredients of TC PLUS (Tummy Contour Plus) are known to produce HYDROXYCITRIC ACID - HCA, as an agent that blocks LIPOGENESIS (the process by which gucose and other substances derived from carbohydrate in the diet, are converted into fatty acids in the body). HCA also diminishes appetite and regulates the break down of fat through burning of calories.

During your consumption, you might feel the following effects: The unwanted fat waste and other filths, fluids are systematically removed through defecation process 8 to 10 hours after consuming TC PLUS. It has a mild laxative effect to facilitate defecation, yet does not cause any inconvenience to the users since the process itself will be periodically consistent.


4 weeks after regularly consuming TC PLUS, you will begin to notice the changes, especially around your abdominal area, which will be flatter without any protrusion or bulging. People who consume TC PLUS continuously for 3 months would normally notice the apparent recontouring of their body shape and other pleasant physical changes.


After obtaining the ideal body shape of your dream, it is recommended to continue taking TC PLUS at least every 2 days for maintenence if your daily carbohydrate intake is high.


Take 6 capsules (maximum) before bedtime with water (drink extra water).

Functions & Advantages

Burns fats

Reduces cholesterol and lipid levels

Reduces water retention

Promotes smooth bowel movement

Suppresses appetite

Stimulates the functional activity of stomach

Detoxifies the body

Treats constipation and diarrhoea

Promotes digestion

Natural traditional herbs

No dieting necessary

No strenuous exercise necessary

Natural, Safe & Effective
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester