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HIMALAYA Cold Relief Balm [10G]

HIMALAYA Cold Relief Balm [10G]

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Himalaya Cold Balm is a soothing balm that relieves nasal and chest congestion. Its counterirritant effects relieve headaches and body aches associated with the common cold.

Blue Gum Tree
The oil of this plant provides cooling sensation and increases airflow in nasal passage.

Camphor Oil
The Camphor oil helps clear nasal congestion and acts as counter-irritant when applied externally.

The Mint oil helps reduce nerve pain and provide relief from headaches in cold and sinusitis.

Nutmeg Oil
Nutmeg oil is traditionally used in cold and cough. It works as a counter-irritant when applied locally.

Turpentine Oil
Turpentine Oil is extracted from the plant Chir Pine and used for treating minor aches and colds. The oil provide relief in sinusitis.

Direction of Use:
Apply locally on the nose, forehead, and chest.
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