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LUMI Bright Me Up Vitamin Mist [80ml]

LUMI Bright Me Up Vitamin Mist [80ml]

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A bright-boosting, superfine mist to tone and renew your skin for an enviable, hydrated gleam.

What it is:
A brightening elixir that hydrates, renews, and tones your skin for the ultimate look-at-me gleam. The fine blend of natural AHAs, Ectoin, and Wintergreen Leaf extract helps with gentle exfoliation to stimulate cell renewal, unveiling your smoothest, most radiant skin yet. Bright Me Up Vitamin Mist is an on-the-go complexion corrector, giving you a toner, a skin refresher, and a makeup setting spray in one cute bottle!

Why you need it:
• Say goodbye to dull skin because this multitasking face mist is concentrated with AHA Fruits Complex, a revitalising ingredient to refine skin texture and even out the complexion.

• Every spritz fosters collagen production that fights blemishes from free radicals, keeping your skin youthful and ever-hydrated.

• The purposeful, micromist spray bottle produces ultra-fine particles that penetrate the skin better and quicker. This helps to awaken the skin instantly, softening the pores, all while keeping your moisture barrier intact.

Why you’ll love this Vitamin Mist:

🍋 For Brighter & Better
Brighter complexions and better days come in a set! This vitamin-dense mist delivers five fruit acids, which are super gentle exfoliants that keep your skin smooth and radiant.

🍋 No Stress, Just Fresh
The anti-stress and anti-inflammatory nutrients work together to vitalise your complexion when there is redness or blemishes–suitable for sensitive skins too.

🍋 Vitamins on the Go
We love our vitamins in every form. Whenever and wherever your skin needs a pick-me-up, this superfine mist will refresh your skin, without budging your makeup.

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