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Method Experiential Body Wash 532ml Deep Detox

Method Experiential Body Wash 532ml Deep Detox

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deep detox
three friends walk into a spa. cucumber kept it cool. seaweed got tangled up at the sauna, and smooth green tea came to save the day. sound like a believable adventure? with a fragrance this fresh, anything's possible.

pure peace
soft scents of rose water, sweet peonies + pink sea salt make every scrub down feel like a meditation session. that is, if meditating involved running water and shower caps. either way, this calming scent reminds you to slow down and take a deep breath.

simply nourish
when asked to think of a trifecta of wholesome scents, coconut, rice milk + shea butter instantly came to mind. this comforting combination whisks you away to a land of cozy fireplaces, chunky socks and big bowls of creamy dessert. mmm, dessert.

energy boost
zesty scents of orange, ginger + sea buckthorn help you power up, even before your morning cup of joe. unless you're the type to bring your coffee in the shower. in which case, more power to you.

stay hydrated
let the rich, refreshing scent of coconut milk wash over you, transporting you to island time.

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