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Nature's Way

NATURE'S WAY Kids A+ Vita Omega 3 Gummies [60s]

NATURE'S WAY Kids A+ Vita Omega 3 Gummies [60s]

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Brain-building Nutrients for Kids’ Vital Years

Omega-3 fatty acids-docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is vital for a kid’s developing brain. It support good memory, cognitive capabilities, reading ability, vision capabilities, concentration, and behavior.

Nature’s Way KA+ Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Trio gummies is fortified with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) sourced from cold water deep-sea fishes. Now you can be assured that your kid is protected against nutrient deficiency that may stunt their growth. Helping them to reach their full growth potential.

Benefits of key nutrients:

Promote healthy brain development.
Promote healthy vision development.
Promote stronger cognitive function.
Promote stronger learning and thinking capabilities.

Each gummy contains 30mg of DHA.
Each bottle contains 3 different flavored gummies (Berry, Orange, Lemon) that kids will never get bored eating.
No. 1 Best-selling Gummy brand from Australia.
Affordable, convenient, and time-saving solution for daily use.
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