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NUNATURE Hair Masque (Argan Oil Deep Repairing) [180ml]

NUNATURE Hair Masque (Argan Oil Deep Repairing) [180ml]

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Enhance your hair and scalp health with Nunature Argan Oil Deep Repairing Hair Masque that helps to conquer split ends and tame frizzy hair into manageable, radiant tresses.Infused with the main ingredient, Indian Kino Tree Extract known for its powerful anti-ageing properties, this hair masque instantly repairs the five (5) signs of hair damage such as split ends, weak brittle strands, rough texture, dull and dehydrated hair.Strengthened hair is further nourished and revitalised with the benefits of Argan Oil – thus, restoring softness, strength and shine to chemically-treated hair. The pampering coat of Argan Oil too works wonders in minimising split ends.The unique blend of natural ingredients in this hair masque delivers significant antioxidant and moisturising properties to restore lustre and elasticity to dull and damaged hair. The final step in Nunature natural hair care solution for completely healthy and hydrated hair.

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