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ORGANICULE Cacao Nibs with Yacon [250g]

ORGANICULE Cacao Nibs with Yacon [250g]

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Organicule Cacao Nibs are made from organic Cacao Beans, sweetened with nutrient rich Yacon syrup. This antioxidant dense, energizing sweetener has a glycaemic index of almost zero. This refined sugar-free syrup is derived from the root of the yacon plant and contains its own health benefits in addition to the Cacao Nibs, making it a fantastic prebiotic to stimulate the production of healthy bacteria in your gut. Add that to the already rich in antioxidant Cacao Nibs and you’ve got a superfood on top of a superfood – how amazing! Take your baking next level by adding our Cacao Nibs with Yacon, embellish breakfast or dessert, or eat them straight out of the jar!

Add them in your favourite recipes such as chocolate-chip cookies, smoothies, oatmeal or just enjoy them as a healthy on the go snack straight out of the bag!

Hot to take
-Have it raw like a snack.
-You can simply add a serving of Organicule Cacao Nibs with Yacon as a topping on your food, oats, cereals or sprinkle over your fruits, trail mix or salad. Bake your favourite brownie with our delicious cacao nibs.
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