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ORGANICULE Chaga Mushroom Powder [60g]

ORGANICULE Chaga Mushroom Powder [60g]

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Chaga mushroom is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. Chaga mushroom is a polyphenol powerhouse that helps outsmart free radical damage for healthy aging at any age. It contains nutrients such as protein and iron, and it is high in fiber and b-complex vitamins. Our Chaga mushroom extract contain 30% Beta-Glucan.

Organicule’s Chaga mushroom is carefully hand−picked and made using the fruit body to increase its potency and immunity boosting abilities. Our Chaga mushroom is a 20:1 extract powder which means it takes 20 grams of Chaga mushroom raw material to make 1 gram extract powder. This makes our powder very potent and effective.

How to take
-Take 1 serving (2 grams - 1 teaspoon) simply with a glass of water.
-Already making a smoothie, juice, a workout-shake? Mix in 1 serving (1 teaspoon) of Chaga Mushroom powder to give it that extra super charge
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