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Now more than ever we need to take better care of our health. You deserve not just to look good but also to feel good from the inside out - without having to take harmful pharmaceuticals or countless concoctions.

Experience natures's most powerful healing herbs used for centuries in Asia for improved immunity, digestion, gut and skin health. These elite tonics were organically harvested in remote rural villages where they have gained their reputations for beauty and medicinal purposes for men and women over many centuries. ​

With antioxidant-rich Pegaga (also known as Gotu Kola and Centella Asiatica) as the central ingredient, Pegaga by PurelyB is a potent superfood blend of traditional remedies turmeric leaf, papaya leaf, green apples, dates and habbatus sauda that help you optimise overall health, heal your gut, eliminate health conditions, and unlock a healthier, happier you.

100% natural, plant-based & gluten-free.



Also referred to as the ‘miracle elixir of life’ in China with good reason, Pegaga (Gotu Kola) provides incredible health benefits proven by scientific studies worldwide. Combined with the increased efficacy of the unique formulation of healing herbs in Pegaga by PurelyB, it can have transformative effects on your health:

Aids In Digestion, Detoxification and Gut Health
Improves Skin Quality & Promotes Anti- Ageing 
Optimises Immunity, Energy & Mental, Cognitive Function


Consume 1 scoop of Pegaga by PurelyB, twice daily on empty stomach. Mix in 200ml of warm water or your favourite drink, juice or health snacks.

  • Consistent daily consumption is highly recommended
  • Do not expose to direct heat
  • Do not mix with boiling water or lime juice
  • Keep the product is a cool placev
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