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PURICENT Body Wash [50ml]

PURICENT Body Wash [50ml]

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Cool & Breezier
-Special formulation to soothe itching and inflammed skin
  - helps with wound healing, soothes skin irritations and relieves diaper rash
  - anti-inflammatory
   - pleasant aroma to stay focused and ease tension

Negative Cleanse & Mood Swings
-Formulated with natural scents to purify skin and uplift mood
  - helps purify skin by breaking down dead skin cell
  - support body's natural collagen production
  - to promote anti-aging, deep cleansing and exfoliation process

Good's Night Sleep
-Special formulation to promote sleep, reduce stress and for calming effects
  - calms inflammation, promotes wound healing
  - stimulates new cell growth
  - builds collagen and improves circulation

Energizing Revitalizing
-Special formulation for refreshing, hydrating and energizing effects
  - anti glycation agent with promotes collagen formation in the fibroblasts
  - lighthens hyperpigmentation.
  - melanin for a brighter and less patchy skin appearance

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