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SEBAMED Feminine Intimate Wash pH3.8 (Sensitive) [200ml]

SEBAMED Feminine Intimate Wash pH3.8 (Sensitive) [200ml]

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The intimate area is in many senses its own eco-system, it is highly sensitive to external influences and functions differently to that of the rest of the skin. The Sebamed feminine intimate wash is balanced at pH 3.8, the ideal pH for the intimate area during the child bearing years. Suitable for use everyday. 100% soap and alkali free. pH 3.8 to stabilize the natural balance of the intimate area. Contains coconut oil, chamomile extract and aloe. No alcohol, mineral oils, silicone oils or halogenated organic compounds. Made in Germany with the highest quality ingredients. Free from parabens, colourants & nasty chemicals. Dermatologically, Gynaecologically and Clinically tested.

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