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SwissMed Pro B ATIV – Mixed Berry Juice Powder with Probiotics [1000mg x 60]

SwissMed Pro B ATIV – Mixed Berry Juice Powder with Probiotics [1000mg x 60]

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6 Probiotic Strains with 15 Billion CFU / 1000mg

4 Patented Probiotic Strains from USA

2 Patented Probiotic Strains from Canada

45 Types of Fermented Vegetables from Japan



High tolerance against acid , bile , pepsin , pancreatin

Strong adhesion to intestinal cell wall

Inhibits colonization of H.pylori

Contains anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates the recovery of inflamed tissues in ulcerative colitis

Reduce inflammation of intestinal epithelial cells

Boost immune system and promotes immunomodulatory responses by stimulating faster production of immunoglobulins

Inhibits proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma cells , gastric cancer cells and colorectal adenocarcinoma cells

Significantly increases hydration and elasticity , thus reduces wrinkles

Increases microflora and maintain vaginal pH value , reduces revurrence risk of vulvovaginal candidiasis


Dosage: Before meal, 1 sachet a day for adults and half a sachet a day for children below 12 yrs old

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